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visualARise builds amazing 4D imaging holographic augmented reality display for vehicles and not only.

We believe in the power of technology to make human drivers safer

What if you're driving down the dark road, in heavy rain, in the middle of the night and you have no idea where you are? Navigating twists and turns would suck. But what if your car could be your reliable guide and visualize all the relevant info right onto the road through the windshield?

visualARise puts your navigation data and safety warnings in front of you, right where you need them — overlaid onto the road through the windshield; taking even more of the guesswork out of driving in unknown areas. visualARise uses a true holographic augmented reality technology to beam the display across the entire front window of the car. But this isn't just a matter of putting a map in front of your face. This information is blended into the landscape you're driving through. The road guide has 3D depth and clearness, showing you exactly where to drive. Points of interest have AR markers and 3D holographic augmented realistic objects and extra information above them. And there are virtual road signs, safety warnings to go along with the extended navigation and vehicle operation data (speed, fuel mark, etc.). visualARise even alerts about the objects outside of line of your sight (e.g. "pedestrian-behind-car",  "deer-on-road", "biker-approaching-road" warnings). And all above works in any weather (including heavy rain, heavy snow, fog, sand storm, etc.) and lighting conditions.





Wide Field of View

up to 30º 

Lagest Field of View among HUDs

up to 30º

Ultra High Resolution

highest image brightness, independent of ambient light

Highest 3D image resolution and brightness, independent of ambient light

Effective Day and Night, in Any Weather

300m obstacle detection 

projection depth: up to

Highest reliability in any weather and lighting conditions, incl. fog, heavy rain, snowstorms, pitch darkness, air pollution, sand storms etc.

Unlimited Visualization Depth

distance to virtual image : up to

Visualize virtual images, security warnings, navigation, social media, etc. where they belong in the real world, not near the windshield

4D Real-Time Picture

100º azimuth / 30º elevation

Highest resolution of 4D image achievable by radar-lidar-camera fusion

Compact Form Factor

Small compact body



The heart of visualARise device

No wearables

No chance to move your eyes off the road

Seamless integration of visualARise’s True Holographic AR with the real world around the car in sync with the route

True holo-AR™ technology places images where they belong in the real world, not near the windshield

Next-generation of infotainment data in front of the windshield (route-related, high-priority notifications, ADAS, points-of-interest, social media, approaching objects/ obstacles data, etc.)

Natural eye depth viewing


4D detection & tracking of all objects around the car (3D images + objects velocity vector)

Wide range of detection distance (more than 300 meters around the car)

Camera-radar-lidar fusion

High accuracy (10cm)

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology

Highest resolution of 4D image achievable by radar-camera-lidar fusion

The eyes and ears of visualARise device



Patents in Optics, Holography, Computer Vision


with Master's and Doctor's degrees in STEM





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